The Music Abuser

Karaoke Radio

Our show blows ass -Jaeson

Many years ago...

Jaeson and Justin had money to spend. In high school, without girlfriends or even other friends to hang out with, they had little to do with their time. With one carrying a driver's license, they put their time and money towards the noble effort of preventing Framingham's General Cinemas from bankruptcy, bringing good friend and favored guest of the show Tom whenever possible. This was a time when the tickets cost a mere $7.25 and they still had Mountain Dew Icees and tacos.

For no specific reason at the beginning, they started going to the late night showings, presumably so that they'd get home right about when Late Night with Conan O'Brien came on. This presumption was the catalyst in creating what is now known as The Music Abuser show. Late night drives home, with few other drivers on the road left our fearless heroes in a dangerous predicament. To get home they would have to rock the proverbial house and break it down in ways previously never even conceived. From then on, nary a night's drive home lacked the singing, the swerving, the toggling of every possible light on the car, and the slow rolling descent into Justin's driveway while hanging out door and window.

Times have changed the fearsome duo. They lack money, they've graduated college, AMC bought out General Cinemas, and Justin doesn't even have the slow descent into his driveway anymore. One thing hasn't changed, though - the singing, swerving, lights, and dancing have all remained an essential part of their lives. Recently it's all become too big a part to bare themselves. And so with the miracle of modern science, and a total disregard for their self-respect, they bring this intimate part of their lives to you, for two hours a week.