The Music Abuser

Karaoke Radio

Our show blows ass -Jaeson

Goddamn, people love us!

"Your movie cured my erectile dysfunction."
"Music Abuser skullfucked me. Thanks, MusicAbuser!"
"I used to be suicidal. Then the music abuser gave me one more reason to wanna keep on livin'; a decent browser. But I done heard their music, and I just wanna die again."
JimBob PhilMickEarl
"you'll be happy to know I hooked up speakers in my bathroom so I was listening to you karaoke while I showered, and while i shit."
"Damn you for ruining a totally random R&B song rife with sexual innuendo and general sex appeal"
"The Music Abuser has truly expanded my mind. Now I wear a special "skull bubble" to encase my giant brain. Good thing the brain has no nerve endings. Thanks Music Abuser!"
Jeff Piepo
"i just thought i would let u know my age is that of fresh bouncy youth."
"Isn't "gay bar" followed by anything Junior/Senior like a double helping of queer?"
"She did say you're adorable at the end of the clip, didn't she? So you guys scored! Mazel Tov!"
Gary Allen
Dr. Angus
"The Music Abuser is better than crack-cocaine"
Sandy Thighs
"I listened to your show tonight and I just wanted to say that the guy who sang Crazy Train had the sexiest voice I've ever heard. My God, my thighs are all aquiver! Could you please give me that guy's phone number? Oh, and your show sucks"
John Bender
"This is really, really awful."
Jaeson's Mom
"Could you guys just play some normal music and shut the hell up? Play some normal music that people will listen to. This is the stupidest music I've ever heard in my life. Play something mainstream, something that people listen to."
Unknown Caller
"You can't put your album in rotation, because it's not music. Any band that heard you singing over their song would be furious!"
Brian Jouris, WDJM Music Director
"...I remember waking up in the fetal position."
Jessica Bulu