The Music Abuser

Karaoke Radio

Our show blows ass -Jaeson

Why are we so amazing?!

Born and raised in the suburbs, Jaeson has grown up under the hip-hop lifestyle. Always striving to strengthen his skills in all forms of hip-hop, he founded the Tokka and Rahzar B-Boy Crew. To this day, as the sole member of the T&R Crew, Jaeson has never lost, nor participated in a battle. Though he has always put his best efforts into his grafitti, the Framingham State College Art Department has deemed his drawing skills too poor for him to be accepted into the department as a sculptor and photographer.

Now he brings his skills as an emcee, and successful underground hip-hop deejay to FSCs resident radio station, broadcasting dead air and using valuable time that could be given to actual students as he records the first radio show of its kind, and probably the last. Karaoke.

By sheer luck, Jaeson discovered Justin frozen in ice one day on a hiking trip. Grateful to his savior for freeing him from his icy prison, Justin pledged his life to Jaeson. He quickly retracted the pledge and instead promised 2 hours per week. Like a ying to Jaeson's yang, Justin brings his soulful bass voice along to complement Jaeson's angelic tenor. With his weapon of choice, the One-man Jam, and his keen fashion sense, Justin reminds Jaeson every show why he should have left him frozen for all time.