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Our show blows ass -Jaeson

American Sexmatic?

It's here. Our quarter-feature-length documentary, recounting the great story of our rise to fame, has come to fruition. This thing covers it all and is the God's Honest Truth™. Seriously.

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Deep in the suburbs of Boston, two raging dweebs grew up attached at the hip, always pining for the day when nerdiness might actually bring them success. Enter karaoke radio: The Music Abuser. American Sexmatic takes you aboard the emotional dirigible of "Jaeson" (Jaeson) and "Justin" (Justin) as The Music Abuser progresses from half-baby to full-fledged karaoke genius. Like the Hindenburg, the duo inevitably plummet to the ground in a flaming fury. To their great fortune, superfan/life coach Mickey Scrizypchyck (Tom) digs them out of their smoldering graves with a small garden trowel of hope and visions of a world enriched by The Music Abuser reborn.

And Now For Our Quarter-Feature Presentation...


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