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American Sexmatic?

It's here. Our quarter-feature-length documentary, recounting the great story of our rise to fame, has come to fruition. This thing covers it all and is the God's Honest Truth™. Seriously.

Take a look at all the fancy information about the DVD below or skip that boring crap and find out how to download a copy.


Deep in the suburbs of Boston, two raging dweebs grew up attached at the hip, always pining for the day when nerdiness might actually bring them success. Enter karaoke radio: The Music Abuser. American Sexmatic takes you aboard the emotional dirigible of "Jaeson" (Jaeson) and "Justin" (Justin) as The Music Abuser progresses from half-baby to full-fledged karaoke genius. Like the Hindenburg, the duo inevitably plummet to the ground in a flaming fury. To their great fortune, superfan/life coach Mickey Scrizypchyck (Tom) digs them out of their smoldering graves with a small garden trowel of hope and visions of a world enriched by The Music Abuser reborn.

And Now For Our Quarter-Feature Presentation...

Here it is, in all of its compressed flash glory! If you enjoy it, just imagine how much more you'd enjoy it at full quality on your nice big TV from your comfy chair. Not only that, the full-blown DVD is crammed so full of extras you wouldn't believe! Download now, it's the only way you're going to be able to enjoy our drunken commentary, damnit!

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